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Do higher fines reduce recidivism ? : evidence from a twenty percent increase in (Dutch) traffic fines. Master thesis Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.
20190304 ST [electronic version only]
Popping, H.
Rotterdam, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, 2012, 36 p., 16 ref.

Samenvatting This paper investigates the effect of the height of speed fines on recidivism by exploiting variation from a governmental increase of speed fines with twenty percent. Local difference-in-differences models are estimated using population data of all offenders from the months before and after the introduction of the higher speed fines. The estimates do provide evidence for a reducing effect of higher speed fines on recidivism for the group of light offenders. In addition, light offenders did reduce their speed. These reducing effects are not observed for the heavy group of offenders. The estimates do not provide evidence for a reducing effect on the total number of fines, due to the higher fines. Moreover, no effect is found on the sum of fines in the year after the offense. Higher speed fines do also not extend the time till the next offense. (Author/publisher)
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