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ESRA2 (E-Survey of Road users’Attitudes) Thematic report No. 4: Driver fatigue.
20190295 ST [electronic version only]
Goldenbeld, C. & Nikolaou, D.
The Hague, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, 2019, 56 p., ref.; Research report number 2019-T-05-EN

Samenvatting ESRA (E-Survey of Road users’ Attitudes) is a joint initiative of road safety institutes, research centres, public services, and private sponsors from all over the world. The aim is to collect and analyse comparable data on road safety performance, in particular road safety culture and behaviour of road users. The ESRA data are used as a basis for a large set of road safety indicators. These provide scientific evidence for policy making at national and international levels. This thematic ESRA report on driving fatigue describes the rate of self-declared fatigued driving, the personal acceptability of fatigued driving, and the perception of driving fatigue as an accident cause amongst road users in 32 countries. It includes comparisons amongst the participating countries as well as results in relation to age and gender. (Author/publisher)
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