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Explaining regulatory non-compliance : a survey study of rule transgression for two Dutch instrumental laws, applying the Randomized Response Method.
20190264 ST [electronic version only]
Elffers, H. Heijden, P. van der & Hezemans, M.
Journal of Quantitative Criminology, Vol. 19 (2003), No. 4 (December), p. 409-439, ref.

Samenvatting Within a rational choice framework, secondary data analysis of a survey study on compliance with two Dutch regulatory laws is carried out. Selection of
explanatory variables to be considered is guided by a heuristic device, called the 'Table-of-Eleven'. Using adapted logistic regression analysis, we show that
self-reported compliance, measured by means of a randomized response procedure, can be explained in terms of benefits of non-compliance, social norms and deterrence, while knowledge and general norm-conformity have no role to play. The impact of various contributing factors turns out to be rather
different in size for the two laws. (Author/publisher)
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